Friday, February 10, 2017

Netflix- The New American Pastime

Netflix is an American entertainment company founded in 1997. Since being founded, the company has gained an estimate of 93.8 million subscribers and I am also a subscriber! I watch an assortment of series or movies on the site such as; Gossip Girl, The Gilmore Girls, Twilight, Clueless and Stuck in Love. So far, my favorite movie I have seen is Stuck in Love. I enjoy watching this movie because it has diverse perspectives coming from a variety of people featured in the film and it combines the comedy and romance genres. My favorite actress in the film is Lily Collins who plays the role of Samantha Borgens. I think the role she plays in the film is relatable to the life of a young adult and she also has a sarcastic, sassy type of humor which I appreciate.

The movie Stuck in Love is an independent romantic comedy- drama which was released in 2012. The films star actors and actresses include Jennifer Connelly, Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff and Logan Lerman. The plot of the movie is: An award winning novelist, Bill Borgens (Greg Kinnear) has been dealing with many complexities in his life since his ex wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) left him for a younger man. Instead of writing a new novel, Bill Borgens spends his free time spying on the new couple. Bill and Erica's son Rusty (Nat Wolff) is a high school student hopelessly in love with a girl named Kate. Bill and Erica's daughter Sam (Lily Collins) is a cynical college student who dates guys who have a much lower IQ than her own in order to protect herself from love. The movie shows the transformation the family goes through and proves that " there are no rewrites in life, only second chances".

Samantha Borgens  (Lily Collins)