Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Favorite Music

There are so many diverse varieties of music in the world which makes choosing a specific genre as my favorite so difficult! However, one of my favorites includes contemporary R&B. The genre contemporary R&B first originated in the late 1970's when artists began to bring in more electronic elements into their work. Contemporary R&B normally includes drum-backed rhythms, electronic influences which are inspired by the genre hip-hop, and smooth, strong voice arrangements. One of my favorite artists which sings this style of music, along with many other genres, is Rihanna. At the age of sixteen she signed with Def Jam Records and in 2005 sold her first album Music of the Sun. She quickly rose to fame in the United States shortly after the album was released. You can learn more about Rihanna and her music on her website .

Image result for rihanna
Rihanna at her ANTI cover reveal event.

Rihanna at a family event.

ANTI World Tour - Jacksonville, Florida, USA


  1. Hello Lauren , I totaly agree with you , we can't chose a music genre as our favorite ,but i like your choice because R&B is one of the best genres of music and it has a lot to say .

  2. Oh cool! me too I like the contemporary R&B this musical genre that mixes rhythm and blues elements of soul and pop hip-hop. We can also notice that she has become even more famous these past two years with her music "Work work" with Drake as well as "This is what you cam for" with Calvin Harris.