Thursday, September 15, 2016

All About Me!

Hello, to begin, my name is Lauren Tindall. I am a 15, soon to be 16, year old girl living in Humboldt County, California. Humboldt County is a close-knit, tiny, coastal community on the west side of the United States of America. I have grown up living here my entire life with my family. I live with my Father and Mother. I also have an older brother named Chance, but he started attending a college in southern California so he lives down there now. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and basketball. I play a defensive left back in futbol and a pointguard in basketball. I also like to read books such as Harry Potter and Mrs. Peregines Home for Peculiar Children. My family and I enjoy traveling around the globe as well. So far, my favorite place I have been is Cabo, Mexico. In school I am learning 7 different subjects. This year the classes I am taking include; Algebra 2, Global Studies, Chemistry, English, Spanish, Environmental Science, and Advanced Conditioning. With all that being said, that is a little bit of information about me and I look forward to meeting and chatting with the Tangier class!


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  2. Hey Lauren, I'm Narjis, first of all I love your name it's so cute and special, I don't like soccer because I'm a bad player but I play basketball sometimes! I also love The Harry Potter Saga it's like the best book ever. About Humboldt Country let me tell you girl that California is my Dream, if I had the chance to visit America I would certainly go to California !!